Im sure this isn’t the first & last wedding photography website you’ll visit, I hope you like it. I love shooting weddings & if we meet, that will come across far more in person than some txt on a website.

Here ( wedding portfolio ) are a small number of photographs from weddings shot over the past year. I’ve had the pleasure to travel long distances for weddings, seeing some amazing places. This awesome job, If I can call it that, truly is the best job I could have wished for. We’ve recently travelled as far north as Darlington & as south as South Devon, with Birmingham, the cotswolds & Liverpool all in-between. Most of the weddings I undertake are in & around South Wales where I’m based. Each wedding is unique, we could shoot at the same venue over & over but its you, your family & friends what makes an epic wedding day. Don’t get me wrong, a beautiful wedding venue obviously helps, but being a people’s person myself, its the people who interest me & that’s what makes each wedding interesting & fun as everyone is different. To see a wider range of my wedding photography head over to the Style page, this page may take a minute or so to load down to the volume of photos (I just can’t leave out awesome looking wedding photos). Or to view a wedding in full head over to the blog page here. If you’d like to know a little more about myself(David) you can find this here, or to know that all important question…..what do I charge??? You can find this in Prices, please drop me an email for a quote though.

Have a little browse & please drop me an email or call to the studio if you are interested in using my services for the day of all days……your wedding.


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