Porthmawr Country House Wedding Photos Abergavenny


Gwen & Mike were married August this year, here are their Porthmawr Country House Wedding Photos Abergavenny

Gwen contacted myself some time back after seeing another wedding I’d shot at Porthmawr Country House back in 2014. A similar time of year wedding, really helped Gwen to see what I could produce on a summers day & at this beautiful venue. We had an interesting mix of weather come the day, rain, a little sleet believe it or not( it is Wales tho!!!! ) & some sunshine.

Starting with bridal prep at the reception venue is always great as it refreshes the mind of whats where, we can also decide if I hadn’t already where to do group shots etc. The service was at a beautiful chapel not too far away where we met the lovely Mike & his groomsmen after finishing bridal prep with Gwen & the girls. As most chapel services are, the minister taking the service was so relaxed with photography side of things which is such a help……team effort & all! We shot the service throughout but still in a respectful manner. After Gwen & Mike tied the knot we had chance to nip up to the mountain that overlooks the Brecon beacons meaning I didn’t want to leave. Beautiful light & beautiful views………photographers dream : ) Eventually we had to get back to Porthmawr County House to crack on with the group shots, speeches, portraiture & general feel of the wedding day along with food & speeches. Once over we headed down into the town of Crickhowell for some late evening portraits with Gwen & Mike, something I love to do if we have the time. All in all it’s been one of my favourite weddings this year x

You can visit Porthmawr County House website here


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