Oxwich Bay Wedding Photos Swansea

Alana & Matt were married August 2016, here are a small selection of their Oxwich Bay wedding photos Swansea.

When a couple mention Oxwich Bay & August, what better way to spend a day than photographing a wedding next to a beach on what you hope will be a sunny day. The day arrived & it was a cracker! Sunshine from the moment we arrived at Oxwich Bay to the sun setting whilst shooting the bride & groom’s portraiture on the beach. Alana & Matt were up for absolutely anything in terms of photography so we got a real mix of documentary work along with some formal group shots & also the infamous lift your dress bum shot!!!! (not included : ). For a couple to totally hand the trust over to myself to record those special moments is a dream & you totally get the best from us then. Bridal prep began in what became a cozy room with several bridesmaids, Alana’s kids myself & Adam(2nd shooter) & 2 fab videographers which made it all the more fun. Tears shed in the room with Dad’s arrival & the constant giggling & laughter between the girls throughout the day I knew it was going to be a roller coaster of emotions for the bridal party & guests.

Alana & Matt’s Oxwich Bay wedding day didn’t disappoint! Love, laughter & a few tears were all experienced on this sunny day in August.


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