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Lauren & Lewis - Gate Street Barn Wedding Photos Surrey

Gate Street Barn Wedding Photos Surrey

Lauren & Lewis got married May 2017. Here are a small selection from their Gate Street Barn wedding photos Surrey. They will take a moment to view, struggled to get the numbers down lol x

Ah what can I say about this kind, loving, humble & amazingly cute couple! nothing other than I love you guys!!!!! From the moment we spoke via our good friend Google it was meant to be. What a wonderful thing the WWW is! Without this device invented we’d have never met. These guys live in Surrey So although I do a number of corporate jobs in London I never really push the wedding side of things in that neck of the woods but after coming across me on social media it were a digital match made in heaven……I now know what online dating is like………sort of. Lauren & Lewis did call to the studio 1 afternoon to my embarrassment! I thought they must have had family near by or something but no, just decided to have a drive along the M4 corridor to visit a little studio in a little village in the heart of the Welsh valleys. So glad they did though, we met, drank tea & discussed their big day. What gripped me was just how chilled they were……. no sales pitch or advice was needed. They had 100% confidence in what I would look to shoot. Something remarkable really…gaining ones trust on the back of a few blog posts. The best possible clients are always the ones who say, “Dave, David, Dai….you are the photographer, you know best!”

So the guys left full of tea & headed back to Surrey, I was to then next see them on the morning of the wedding…..felt like I’d know them for some time through the emails, so we cracked on with shooting at this remarkable venue …. Gate street Barn. I was greeted by a lady who kindly took me around the property & gave me a breakdown of what was the plan for the day….it was so relaxed… I loved it! Such a cool venue & so relaxing. The weather was grand giving us full scope of the grounds which always helps. The detail, the flowers, the dress, suits, canapés, food, drink……Marshmallows(I actually feature with the marshmallows lol), Pizza the list goes on……it was simply a wedding I wont forget & I hope to return to this sweet sweet venue.

Lauren & lewis, big hugs & we’ll speak soon ref album x



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Katie & Ross - Canada Lake & Lodge Wedding Photos Cardiff



Katie & Ross were married April this year, here is a small selection of their Canada Lake & Lodge wedding photos Cardiff.

So I bumped into Kate on my mothers retirement party. My mother had been an integral part of the success of several optician branches that run through the south Wales valley. Im not sure how long Kate had been there, but long enough to build up a relationship with my mother hence why she were at the party. We never really spoke about her wedding, I’m not sure she realised I actually shot weddings for a living. Anyway, several months later, maybe even a year, I bumped into Kate & Ross at a wedding fayre & we couldn’t quite remember where we new each other from but we both took an instant liking to one another, this led to them booking my services. In-between the initial meeting & the wedding we shot a beautiful evening engagement shoot that the couple went on to use as their invites.

The day arrived & it was a scorcher!!!! Canada Lake & lodge bathed in warm sunlight from start to finish. Kate & Ross factored in plenty of time so they could enjoy the company of their guests along with having their photos shot between the ceremony & wedding breakfast which always helps. As it was such a beautiful day we managed to do the bulk of their portraits together after the speeches had finished giving us that warm romantic light……my fav!!!!!!!

Such a lovely couple, lovely family & friends, many of whom I knew which made it even more fun.

Katie & Ross, I hope you had a fantastic wedding day & enjoyed viewing these Canada Lake & lodge wedding photos. Thank you so much for letting me play a small part in it xxx


Canada Lake & Lodge Canada Lake & Lodge Canada Lake & Lodge

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Emma & Tye - Gilling Old Mill Barn Wedding Photos Yorkshire

Gilling Old Mill Barn Wedding Photos Yorkshire

Emma & Tye were married in Richmond, North Yorkshire, 21st May 2016. This page features some of their Gilling Old Mill Barn Wedding Photos Yorkshire

It was an absolute honour to be asked to experience what can only be described as one of the, emotional, heart felt & loving weddings I’ve been part of. To feel the emotion at weddings only helps capture what I want to capture. Its vital to observe in-between shooting, & keep listening to whats being said between couples, small groups & large rooms. This means I’m on hand to look out for that burst of laughter, the warm hug from Nan & bamps or that tear shed during the speeches. Tingles down the spine don’t happen very often in a lifetime, being a photographer shooting weddings up & down the country means I get to experience that feeling more than most, & I’m grateful for it.

Emma & Tye,…… I met this charming couple at the end of a wedding fayre, a couple of years back. Emma with her strong Scottish accent & Tye with his east midlands, my 1st thought was, I can’t see this being a booking & they were there just for a nose, how wrong was I. Within minutes I felt at total ease with both, especially Tye, probably because I could understand his accent a little easier than Emma’s Lol….sorry Em xxx. They hadn’t chose a venue at this point & were basically looking at venues from the South to the North of the UK. Once the email came through that they’d booked Gilling Old Mill Barn in North Yorkshire & wanted me to travel up & shoot their special day, I was hit with excitement & the daunting thought of a 5 hour drive! The drive in the end was awesome, hit the road the day before with my side kick Adam, banged some tunes out & had a few jars(when we arrived of course) & discussed the wedding we were to shoot the next day.

The day arrived with a mixture of wet, windy & sunny spells a little bit like the emotions of the day. I like to get to know my clients a little before the wedding day, & their are weddings, you know are going to be a little more emotional than others. So when people stand up & talk about the loss of loved ones, or not having someone for support that so many of us take for granted, its fairly hard to take, but its so important to photograph. These moments is where I really fall for the individuals related to whats being said, & suddenly I question my own life & realise how lucky I am.

The emotions ran from start to finish, not all sorrow like what sounds above, far from it, the day was packed full of laughter, love & happiness. Once the ceremony had finished the clouds parted for glorious sunshine(until our long hour drive back home to South Wales lol). A small amount of groups shots were taken, but Emma & Tye’s main objective photographically, was to capture the day as naturally as possible. Letting people enjoy the drinks reception whilst taking in the awesome views over the valley & catching up with folk who they’d not seen for years. As you may have seen from my other work, photographing the bride & groom is a huge part for me & one I enjoy most. Emma & Tye gave us the time to get what we wanted. Natural/Documentary shots of them both without too much fussing around.

Guys, we thoroughly enjoyed your wedding day & the food was A MA ZING…… Why doesn’t everyone have ribs for starters & burger for mains!!!! Thank you so much for letting us photograph such an important day in your lives together,  I hope you love your Gilling Old Mill Barn Wedding Photos xxx

Oh …..who could forget the ice-cream & uncle Bob….who’s not actually called Bob x


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Gilling Old Mill Barn Wedding Photos


How could I not add these xxx