I adore photographing weddings, every one is different & thats down to you, the people.

You can shoot at the same venue over & over & although these amazing venues play such a huge part For me its the people that really bring a wedding to life. I look to shoot all my weddings in a documentary form, meaning I look to capture what happens when it happens in a natural way. I still arrange & organise certain things but working this way, gives me the opportunity to photograph what actually takes place at a wedding………the emotional roller coster! Love, laughter, tenderness & sometimes sadness can all take place on a wedding day. Its important to capture these emotions to tell your story through photographs. Its this, that makes wedding photography so fun & exciting. In-between photographing you & your guests, I still look for the full essence & story of the day. So those precious details along with venue choice will be photographed to tell your story.

Here below are a mixture of photographs shot at different weddings throughout the last year or so. Hopefully they portray what I look to shoot on a wedding day.

Cardiff wedding photographerCardiff Wedding Photographer South Wales Wedding photographer Cardiff Wedding Photographer Cardiff Wedding Photographer swansea wedding photographer am0001img_0500 img_0598 img_1589 img_1635 img_3037 img_2808 img_3094 img_3263 img_3640 ea0743img_3419 img_6489 img_7583 img_8347 img_7600 img_8843 img_8967 img_0116img_9193 img_9236 img_9889 img_9286 img_9906 img_0231img_9947 mj0001 kr0618 rr0001 sj0280 sj0298 tg0001 st0176 bm0609 ed0759 ld0296 ld0530 ld0582 ld0596 ld0663 ld0704 ld0673 img_3095-copy img_1963-copy gm0086 sj0118 S&D0414 sj0628gm0586


So that’s a look into the style of my wedding photography. If you’d like to see some featured weddings head over to the blog page here. For a breakdown of what I offer & prices hit here or to head back to the home page hit home.