Rosedew Farm Wedding Photos Llantwit Major

Steph & Jon were married July this year. Here are their Rosedew Farm Wedding Photos Llantwit Major.

Steph & Jon contacted me late into their wedding planning after seeing my work online. After speaking with Steph for some time I quickly came to realise how important photography was to them but in particular Steph. She knew exactly what she wanted photographically & after scowling through previous weddings I’d shot over the years it seemed it was the perfect match up! The natural, documentary side of my work with a handful of group shots & lots of obvious emphasis on the married couple was essential…just how I like to work : ) The day came & was gone in a flash down to how much I enjoyed it. Perfect mixture of love, happiness & tears plus we got to go to the beach which I love to do if at all possible…….something about the sea air.

Steph & Jon were married in July 2016, here are their Rosedew Farm Wedding Photos. I really hope I get to go back to Rosedew Farm, I also hope to work with such a loving & friendly couple.

The sample Album I’ve had made up from your wedding guys is something else x

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