Barn at Brynich Wedding Photos Brecon


Sharon & David Got married August 2015 here are their Barn at Brynich Wedding photos Brecon.

I’d met the couple at a wedding in Cardiff around 18 months prior to their wedding day. I instantly clicked with them. A charming couple who new what they wanted photographically……………..little fuss, capture the atmosphere of the day, very little group shots & some portraits of them together, so perfect really! I love nothing more than when couple say theyve viewmany plenty of my wedding photography & simple say we trust you so what ever you suggest really.

The wedding took place on a Tuesday(Love a midweek wedding!) at the start of August & it just seemed so fitting for Sharon & Dave. The weather wasn’t great, it wasn’t a huge wedding party but the wedding day was jam packed full of atmosphere. Though a very sad yet touching moment took place after the church service when sharon visited her fathers grave in the grounds of the church. Sharon had not long lost her father, so still raw she managed the courage & bravery to say a few words at the grave & move on. A joyful yet emotional moment at the church & im so glad I were able to grab one or 2 photographs for Sharon & her family.

I don’t think it would have been the same had it been a glorious summers day. We got what we could in between the showers & those dark clouds that rolled in over the Brecon mountains only added to the overall feel of the day & the photographs we shot. I thoroughly enjoyed this wedding & spending the day with this humble couple Sharon & Dave at The Barn at Brynich.

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