Anderson Photography – New House Hotel Wedding Photos Cardiff

Lowri & Lee got married August 2015 here are their New House Hotel Wedding Photos Cardiff.

Well its fair to say we all had a blast at this wedding! Here are Lowri & Lee’s New House Wedding Photos. Hopefully they will give you an idea of how much fun, laughter, romance & love we all felt back in August 2015. I’d shot an engagement shoot with Lowri & lee & once finished I new their wedding was going to be a corker!!! They’d spent money in the right areas for the wedding obviously on the fantastic New House Hotel but also & on fantastic quality suppliers, & along with their awesome family & friends their wedding was a joy to be part of.

The day arrived & it was a scorcher!!!! The new house Hotel bathed in sunlight from start to finish. We had plenty of time from the wedding ceremony to the wedding breakfast so they could enjoy the company of their guests along with having their photos shot. As it was such a beautiful day we managed to do the bulk of their portraits together after the speeches had finished giving us that warm evening light……my fav!!!!!!!

Such a lovely couple, lovely family & friends, & I’ve been fortunate enough to book 1 or 2 weddings of Lowri & Lees friends so we must have done something right : )

Lowri & Lee, I hope you had a fantastic wedding day & enjoyed viewing these New House Hotel Wedding Photos Cardiff. Thank you so much for letting me play a small part in it xxx

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