Charlton House Wedding Photos


Kirsten & Neil’s Charlton House Wedding photos were shot back in early September this year. The beautiful Charlton House in Shepton Mallet, Somerset is one wedding venue I’d love to photograph at again. The couple were an absolute joy to work with & I’ve become very fond of them, especially Kirsten as we seem to chat most days via social media, though with Neil being a Spurs fan he comes a close 2nd : ) I’d never shot at this Charlton House before so I was curious to see how it would pan out. I called there a few months before the wedding to view the grounds(breathtaking!!!!) but to also meet the staff as working closely with hotel & kitchen staff on a wedding day is a must as we all want to pull in the same direction to benefit the client……the Bride & Groom. September came & the wedding from start to finish was full of emotion, fun & laughter. The staff were fantastic, the food fabulous, the guests so very friendly & Kirsten & Neil, well what can I say………………….think I gained a couple of friends x

Particular highlights: The wedding gifts from bride to groom & vice versa, the groomsmen’s suits, the venue as a whole & Kirsten & Neil’s trust in me……………this last one is priceless!

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